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Thermodo tiny electrical thermometer

Thermodo is a tiny electrical thermometer that accurately measures the temperature right where you are using your iPhone or iPad all through the audio jack of your device.

$ 30

Jackpen – The miniature iPhone pen designed to store inside your headphone socket

If you can never find a pen when you need one, we have the answer! Jackpen fits every phone with a standard headphone socket and clips very firmly into place making it almost impossible to lose. Your phone protects the pen and ink when not in use so it won’t dry out. The small rounded edge & ridge design make it easy to remove and when in place the pen acts as a dust protector for your headphone socket.

$ 6

Mackie DL1608 16-Channel Live Sound Digital Mixer with iPad Control

Proven at millions of gigs worldwide, the Mackie DL1608 combines the power of a full-featured digital mixer with the unmatched ease-of-use of an iPad. Ideal for bands, rental house and production/installations, the DL Series provides the mobile freedom to wirelessly control the mix and powerful plug-in processing from anywhere in the venue. The equivalent of racks and racks of expensive, bulky rackmount gear is right at your fingertips. Your shows will never sound better.

$ 699

Wind Speed Meter for the outdoor adventurers

The Vaavud wind meter turns your iPhone into a high-tech meteorological tool, measuring wind speeds up to 48 knots with near-professional precision. The Vaavud wind meter is accurate, practical and pocket friendly with a neat and clean interface that shows actual, mean, and max wind speeds. For the outdoor sports enthusiast this is a great tool.

$ 57

Flexible Long Arm Clamp For iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Flexible long arms mobile phone holder stand for your larger format iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Handy to clip to your bed, desk or car. Small, lightweight and easy to carry in backpack or carrier to use as a mobile stand.

$ 12

The 20 Hour Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Listening to loud music in the middle of nowhere is not a problem anymore. This 20 hour portable Bluetooth speaker lets you listen to music loudly even without an outlet for 20 long hours! This tiny portable speaker which is about the size of a tennis ball has an intelligent power-off system to conserve battery life, volume and track controls, and a built-in microphone.

$ 80


Always dreamed of having your very own robot buddy that reflects your facial expressions? Then this RoboMe robotic avatar is what you need. It is a completely customizable robotic buddy that utilizes your phone as its face. With the free app, you can change its facial features and expressions to match yours. It also has voice recognition, and object detection software. Cool, isn’t it?

$ 50

The Live Video Feed RC Buggy

Take videos of hard to reach areas or play spy with your friends with the live video feed RC Buggy. This little all-terrain buggy wirelessly transmits and stores video to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch within a hundred feet distance. The RC buggy app instantly converts your device into a touch-screen remote while displaying 640 x 480 live video on a device’s screen.

$ 100

The Only iPad Integrating Recumbent Bicycle

Make your daily workouts more enjoyable with the iPad integrating recumbent bicycle. It has a dock that positions your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch for proper viewing while you pedal your way to fitness. It allows you to play games, listen to your favorite music and watch music videos while you workout.

$ 900

eForcity Insten Stylus with Dust Cap

Protect your devices from dust with eForcity Insten Stylus with Dust Cap. It clips into the charging port of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and its great beaded and soft stylus point will help you type with ease.

$ 3